ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonRobor1st
Nicholas FrankFrankenstein2nd

Dale wins

Dale Heatheringtons' Robor won this months Mini Sumo contest. Dale was presented with a Dual Pentium II mother board. Click here to see the contest rules.

There were five contestants this month! To speed the proceedings we used single eliminations as shown in the diagram below.


The Contestants:
Default built by Galen and Sean Hussy
Frankenstein by Nicholas Frank
Harry the Hybrid by Bob Baxter
Lancelot by Keith Rowell
Robor by Dale Heatherington

Photo Gallery
N. Frank
Nicholas Frank with "Frankenstein"

Sean and Galen Hussy with Default

Default vs Frankenstein
Sean Hussy starts Default in a match with Frankenstein

Default pushes out Frankenstein
Default wins a round
Editors note: Default is the strongest bot in the group. In an exhibition match he demonstrated the ability to take out Robor in a head to head pushing match. Unfortunatly he has no means to sense his opponents and roams the ring blind in hopes of hitting something.

Frankenstein pushes out Harry
Frankenstein pushes out Harry the Hybrid

Lancelot beats Harry
Harry gets no respect from Lancelot either

Robor beats Frankenstein
Robor takes out Frankenstein

Calvin with two Aibo robot dogs
In other non-sumo related activity, a frustrated Calvin attempts unsuccessfully to get a couple of Sony Aibo robot dogs to mate, no wait, "play" with each other. They were also not interested in sumo competition (not enough traction I presume).

Photos by Dale Heatherington .
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