ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Nicholas FrankNorbert2nd


Nicholas Frank with Norbert Nicholas Frank brought in Norbert, his new mini sumo robot. A 6 volt battery powers a Tamiya 3 volt motor/gear set. This bot is fast and powerful. Opponents are detected with a chop stick. Norbert is painted flat black to foil IR detection.
Norbert, front and side view Norbert, Bottom view
Norbert Norbert exposing his motors and gears.

Norbert vs Yellow Dragon
Norbert vs Yellow Dragon

Delta Force vs BAT
Delta Force wins the match with BAT

Robors Bane has Norbert on his back
Robors Bane lays Norbert on his back but Nobert still has wheel to track contact.

Norbert Wins!
In an amazing turn of events Norbert wins from the prone position

Norbert vs Robors Bane
Robors Bane gets skewered by a chop stick and loses the match to Norbert

Delta Force loses a round to Norbert
Delta Force loses a round to Norbert

Norbert chases Delta Force around the rim
Norbert almost won the match with Delta Force. He pushed Delta Force around the edge for 180 degrees and the crowd expected Delta Force to fall off. To everyones surprise Delta Force spun around unexpectedly and knocked Norbert out of the ring.

Photos by Dale Heatherington
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