ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Sean HusseyRobors Bane2nd
Murray McKayMaginot3rd

This month there were 3 contestants.
Delta Force remained undefeated.

Murray McKay with Maginot
Murray McKay

Pokey mini sumo bot

Murray McKay came in from Tennessee with two new Mini Sumo bots. Maginot was built to be sparring partner for more capable mini sumo robots. Pokey is a work in progress and did not compete today.

Maginot vs Robors Bane
Robors Bane vs Maginot

Maginot vs Robors Bane 2
These two bots are very well matched.

Robors Bane wins
After and long back and forth struggle, Robors Bane finally prevails.

Delta Force vs Maginot
Delta Force beats newcomer Maginot

Delta Force defeats Robors Bane
Delta force wins the match with Robors Bane and the April contest.

Photos by Dale Heatherington
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