ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Nicholas FrankNorbert2nd


Norbert vs BAT
BAT and Norbert start a round. BAT had some new and untested code which had a few bugs so performance was below expectations.

Norbert and BAT in a standoff
The bots are deadlocked. Nicholas Frank ponders the situation.

Delta Force vs BAT
Delta Force, shown here winning a round with BAT, has two additional AAA batteries. This increased the voltage from 9 to 12. Dale has also modified and debugged the code for smoother and more reliable performance.

Delta Force vs Norbert
Delta Force wins the first round against Norbert

Delta Force vs Norbert
Delta Force wins round two and the match

Delta Force loses a round to Norbert
Just for fun a third round was fought. Norbert won by lifting the front of Delta Force. This lifts the tires off the track allowing easy victory.

Photos by Dale Heatherington
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