ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonRobor1st
Nicholas FrankFrankenstein2nd
Galen HusseyDefault3rd

Photo Gallery

Nicholas Frank shows off his OOPic based mini sumo bot "Frankenstein"

Default vs kenny for qualification

Default attempts to qualify against Kenny

Default vs Frankenstein

Frankenstein, built by Nicholas Frank (left) goes up against Galen Husseys' Default

Default vs Frankenstein

Default and Frankenstein do battle

Default defeats Frankenstein

Default lays Frankenstein on his back and wins a round

Robor vs Frankenstein

Dale Heatheringtons' "Robor" poses with Frankenstein

Robor vs Defalut

Galen Hussey prepares Default for a match with Robor

Robor vs Frankenstein

Dale Heatherington anticipates another win for Robor against Frankenstein

Photos by Dale Heatherington .
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