ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Murray McKayGeorge III2nd
Sean HusseyRobors Bane3rd
Joshua KargTwo4th

This month there were 4 contestants. Murray McKay came in from Tennessee with his new kit mini sumo bot, George III. The Husseys had a new version of Robors Bane and Joshua Karg upgraded his previous bot "One" and renamed it "Two". Dale Heatheringtons Delta Force remained undefeated.

Robors bane vs Two RB vs 2 RB vs 2
The first match was a new lower profile and not yet fully debugged version of Robors Bane vs Joshua Kargs new bot "Two". In the first round Robors Bane made contact with Two and than drove himself off the the ring. Robors Bane did better in the next two rounds and won the match.

RB vs George III
Kit bot George III defeated Robors Bane in the second match. However, in a pure pushing contest, Robors Bane had an advantage.

Df vs george III
Delta Force beats George III in match 3 round 1. This was the first instance where the fake white line behind Delta Force tricked an opponent.

Df vs george III
Joshua Karg watches Delta Force defeat George III in match 3 round 2.

Kevin Evans brought in his 12 pound Combat robot and demonstrated it's mobility and spinning blade of death.

Photos by Dale Heatherington
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