ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Sean HusseyRobors Bane2nd

The Contestants:
Delta Force by Dale Heatherington
Robors Bane by Galen and Sean Hussy (Previously "Default")

Delta Force vs Robors Bane

Delta Force and Robors Bane
Robors Bane won the first round then lost the next two. This is the only photo of the match. The photographer (also owner of Delta Force) was so stunned at the sight of Delta Force being pushed out of the ring during the first round he failed to press the shutter release.

Since there was only one match this month the rest of this page is devoted to three closeups of Robors Bane.

Robors Bane (formerly Default)
Front view of Robors Bane. The boom is not attached in this photo.

Robors Bane
Robors Bane, rear view.

Robors Bane, bottom view
The underbelly of Robors Bane.

Photos by Dale Heatherington.
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