ContestantBot NameRank
Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force1st
Nicholas FrankFrankenstein2nd

The Contestants:
Delta Force a new robot by Dale Heatherington
Frankenstein by Nicholas Frank
Lancelot by Keith Rowell
Robors Bane built by Galen and Sean Hussy (Previous entry was named "Default")

Nicholas Frank prepares Frankenstein
Nicholas Frank prepares Frankenstein

Robors Bane vs Lancelot
Sean Hussy watches "Robors Bane" during the 5 second countdown. Lancelot is on the left.

Delta Force vs Frankenstein
Frankenstein faces off against Delta Force.

By popular demand all the sumo bots were put in the ring.

Like villagers with pitch forks and torches they all converged on Frankenstein.
Quote of the day: "Why are they all coming after me!?"
Nicholas Frank 9-29-01

The crowd goes wild as Delta Force gets knocked out by Robors Bane with help from Lancelot and Robor. Eventually the only bot still standing was Robor.
Dale denied rumors he was going to change Robors name to "Robors Banes Bane".

Photos by Dale Heatherington and Richard Bodor.
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